The Word with Jackie Rae

309: April Parker Foundation's bid to address the homeless crisis through a Land Trust

Episode Summary

Long Beach is accepting applications for a Community Land Trust to help address the growing homeless issue.

Episode Notes

In 1969, Civil Rights leaders created a community land trust as a way to secure access to land for African American families. Now, the city of Long Beach is hoping a similar model will provide some relief to the homeless and affordable housing crisis.

Tenants advocacy group Long Beach Residents Empowered is hoping to create a Housing for All Long Beach Community Land Trust. The trust would tentatively purchase an existing apartment or mixed-use building, and lease out its units while maintaining ownership of the land itself.

According to their website, the city is seeking a qualified organization with experience in affordable housing, and trust among Long Beach residents and neighborhood organizations, to establish and operate a Community Land Trust (CLT) Program. Organizations have until 11 am on January 31, 2023, to submit their applications.

The April Parker Foundation, a 501(c)3 community-based nonprofit organization, has provided services to unhoused and underserved communities since 2018. Founder April Paker says the Land Trust is an exciting opportunity to insure housing for all in the coming years.

On today’s “The Word” podcast, Parker explains why her foundation is submitting an application and why she is excited about what the future holds when it comes to addressing housing insecurities.

To donate, volunteer, to learn more about the April Parker Foundation you can visit their website here.

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