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302: Racial reconciliation, homelessness, and the race for Mayor. An interview with Rex Richardson

Episode Notes

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Homelessness has been a top issue for voters nationwide. For Councilmember Rex Richardson, it is also a family issue.

In an extensive interview on "The Word" podcast with Jackie Rae, Richardson spoke about his younger brother, who at 17, was shot in the back during a fight at a party. That event led to a battle with drugs, and ultimately a life on the street for Richardson's brother.

"My experience at 17 was different than his experience at 17," the councilmember said.

Richardson answered a range of questions about his life, as well as progress on the Racial Equity and Reconciliation Initiative, his plans for the unhoused in Long Beach, and his response after a key campaign supporter, former Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, was involved in a call that included racist language when addressing redistricting and reducing the power of Black voters in LA.

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Richardson is running against his colleague on the council, Suzie Price, to become the city's next mayor. To listen to our interview with Price, click here.

For more information, you can watch the Long Beach mayoral debate here, or read up on all of the candidates seeking office in our Compare Your Candidates tool, and follow our coverage at

The election is Nov. 8.